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Why Tech Entrepreneurs are Relocating to Las Vegas to Buy New Homes

For quite some time, if you were a tech entrepreneur or software engineer, you pretty much had to live in Silicon Valley because that’s where all the action was, “was” that is.

movetolasvegaschessThings are greatly changing in the landscape of tech, and we’re seeing more and more tech entrepreneurs (and engineers of all kinds for that matter) move into the Las Vegas valley to avoid the incredibly “business-unfriendly” climate the state of California has fostered over the years. Taxes are way too high there, you can’t afford to buy a decent home, and the general cost of living is absurd.

Enter Las Vegas, just a short car drive away! Many tech entrepreneurs are joining the ranks of Zappos founder Tony Hsieh by relocating and doubling-down on Las Vegas and investing in Las Vegas real estate. The fact of the matter is you can put your entrepreneurial endeavor on the map extremely quickly in Las Vegas if you’re good and know what you’re doing. Why?:

  • Vegas is business friendly tax-wise. Nevada has no corporate income tax, so that in itself should make entrepreneurs flock to move into Las Vegas!
  • The entire Las Vegas Valley is rapidly growing! All the population statistics, housing prices, consumer confidence ratings, and quality of life indicators point to amazing growth, which means great things for your entrepreneurial business.
  • Business creativity is off the charts in Las Vegas. Vegas gives you a chance to do whatever you dream of without significant regulatory oversight, low licensing fees, and great tax incentives. After all, when your next door neighbor is a creative genius, you’re more likely to be one too, right?
  • Your customer pool is closeby! Because of the many quality of life factors that Vegas locals are privy to, many wealthy homeowners and retirees from all over the world have chosen Las Vegas as their relocation destination. Anyone who has a business targeted to people who have and spend money will appreciate Las Vegas as a great place to start a business and buy a new home.
  • Las Vegas has perfect weather! With warm summers, no humidity, mild winters, and a lack of natural disasters, you couldn’t  pick a better spot to move to and run a successful business.

It goes without saying, but the real estate market for new homes in Las Vegas is booming as well, probably because the word is finally getting out that Las Vegas is – in fact – the perfect destination for tech entrepreneurs and business owners of all fields to work, live, and play. You won’t believe how much house (and how much luxury) you can get for your money compared to Silicon Valley and the likes. All Vegas Valley Realty can help with your search.

If you ever considered moving out to Las Vegas, now’s the time to contact us about your Las Vegas relocation and we’ll get started on getting you into the new home of your dreams at the right price, and you can concentrate on growing your company in a business-friendly atmosphere.

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